Ideas for Directions in the September 20 Meeting

GeoGebraNA - GeoGebra in North America
Original idea was reflections on the GeoGebra conference but it looks like many new things need to be done.

Perhaps: Conversation - Certification - Resources

Beginning focus of GeoGebraNA may be on starting regular online talks
Meetings: The power of regularly talking, focus on GeoGebra. About what we want, about conferences, about what we are doing, institutes, live meetings with anyone participating and some free workshops on line (events calendar where everyone can go and check)

Getting the conversation going
GeoGebraNA Google Group
  • Regular meetings/conversations
  • Calendar of events
This wiki:
  • Members - anyone interested in GeoGebra
  • Reports from events
Some conversation questions: What are the benefits of forming/belonging to a GI. Can one participate fully in GeoGebra without belonging or organizing an Institute? What does an GI do? Some may want to do/organize activities without a GI and see GI without benefit, only extra work. What is our individual and group role in the GeoGebra community?
    • (Ana - South Florida) My host institution, Florida Atlantic University, does not like the word "institute" and has sent my application to its lawyers...any one with the same problem?
Some other things to consider: Think about points made by Tomas Recio, a main figure in GIs-Spain which are fairly well established. This information was very interesting. Another thing is to have regular conversations among representatives from every GI: e.g. Steve, Dani, Agnes,..., other people actively working in GeoGebra like Joel, Maria and Pamela,... and teachers using GeoGebra. Make sure connections and outreach are being made at local levels...
    • Connect with teachers, create a vision.
    • (Steve P)Connect with State Math Teacher Associations. For example, the GiOhio is actively seeking Affiliate status with the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

What about GIs? There are different regions and each region has a lot of autonomy with respect to education.

One reason for GI is to issue certificates. How do we set an approval process for teachers that will eventually be recognized by Government? We gave out GeoGebra User Certificates at Ithaca. Maybe we were to quick give them for simply attending the workshops/conference.
We can think about the point system and portfolios (GI) and badges system (peer review)
*Portfolios - see GIs in Spain
*Badges - see __

(Steve P.) When I do a Week-long workshop, I use the GeoGebra User Certficate benchmarks as a planning guide. Participants leave with a ggb user certificate. I am planning on using the Advaced 3-day workshop next summer to train for EXPERT certification.

Online content
Focus on the content;
it is all for mathematics; represented in GeoGebra applets for beautiful - content is hard currency.How do we reach more people through online material?: Think about how organized, how available, how evaluated? The work with Joel (and Maria and Pamela) has a lot of potential. So teachers can work and say “I made a beautiful applet…”

How rated - peers, maybe rating system like youtube
Organization /Taxonomy
Taxonomy top down is very difficult. Maybe a combination taxonomy. A system that supports topics, a course,... Search will be difficult.
Good read: Joel’s blog __